How to apply muscle rub

How to apply muscle rub

Do you have an uncomfortable stiffness in your back? Apply muscle rub. Do you suffer from inflamed muscles and tendons? Apply muscle rub. Have you got an unflattering bruise because you hit yourself in the face trying to pry that lid off the jam jar? Apply muscle rub. This ointment has grown in popularity over the last couple of years but many customers are supposedly still cautious about how to use muscle rub. Do not fret. We have a little go to guide, which will help you apply muscle rub like a pro.


Despite the wonders that muscle rub can achieve, it is vital that you check the label before applying a new muscle rub. Big brands of muscle rub can use ingredients like diclofenac (an anti-inflammatory drug), which some people can be allergic to. I, myself, am allergic to this drug and I came out in itching hives when I applied Volterol to my shoulder. ‘But I do not know if I am allergic to this strange sounding drug’ I hear you ask. Do not worry. We recommend you apply muscle rubs that contain all natural ingredients. This way, you will be able to understand better what you are putting on to your skin.


Choosing when to apply muscle rub is important. Your skin must be clean but not hot. This means it is best that you wait for you skin to cool down after washing, swimming or undertaking any form of intense exercise. If your skin is hot, although the chances are slim, this can increase the side effects of a muscle rub.


Applying muscle rub is relatively straightforward and should not be a source of fear. Simply place a dollop of the product you are using on to your hand. The amount will depend on the size of the affected area. Now for the fun bit. Slowly massage the muscle rub into the affected area and wait for the funny little tingling sensation. After application, make sure you wash your hands. If muscle rub goes in your eyes, the tingling sensation does not tingle. In fact it burns. A lot. If this does happen wash your eyes with clean water immediately.


Now you’ve heard all the dos of how to apply muscle rub. However, there are a couple of don’ts. Don’t worry though, they’re all for your safety.

  • DO NOT apply muscle rub to the affected area more than four times a day. If symptoms continue, make an appointment with your doctor or physiotherapist
  • DO NOT apply muscle rub to your face, genitals or mouth. Like I said earlier, the tingly feeling is far from tingly and I guess it doesn’t taste very nice either.
  • DO NOT apply muscle to broken skin. Again, the feeling isn’t nice.

As you can probably gather, muscle rubs are strong and powerful little things. They are useful for all sorts of ailments and are generally handy to have on your person whether you are a Dad who cannot play with his children due to back ache, or an amateur athlete who cannot beat his PB due to a dodgy ankle. With your new found knowledge of how to apply muscle rub, your next quest is to decide which muscle rub to use. We recommend Bullet and Bones Muscle Activating Rub. Unlike other, larger brands, Bullet and Bone only contains natural ingredients so you can help muscles recover without worrying what you are putting on your body.

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