How to improve your rugby performance

How to improve your rugby performance

Last Wednesday, Twickenham held BUCS Rugby Final for both men’s and women’s rugby. If you managed to watch the games, I’m sure you asked yourself how you could you improve your own rugby performance? No need to panic- here are a few simple yet effective tips to help improve your rugby performance:


It is always easier to notice progress when you have set milestones to achieve. When trying to improve your rugby performance during training you could session specific goals. For example what you want to achieve during each workout. Or long term goals, for example, what you want to achieve by the end of the season. Not only will this improve your rugby performance consistently and gradually, but will also act as motivation for you to carry on with your progress!

If you are playing within a match, we recommend using a ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’ goal setting technique. ‘Bronze’ goals would be targets that you’d hope you’d definitely achieve, for example consistently catching the ball. ‘Silver’ goals would be tasks that you should be able to achieve but find difficulty doing. For example tackling consistently below the knee. ‘Gold’ targets would be aspects of the sport that you find difficult, so it would be an achievement to successfully carry that out. Over time, you can see how you are improving your rugby performance when silvers become bronze and golds become silvers!


To a certain extent, no great sportsman is naturally gifted. Every single one trains constantly to improve their performance. If you want to improve your rugby passing, all it takes is asking to throw a ball around with a friend in a park. If you want to improve your kicking, all it takes is to go to a set of posts and kick until the sun goes down. Practising to improve your performance does not always need to be in a formal setting- as long as you are doing something, improvements will soon show.

Although you may get a significant amount of pride from training long periods of time and seeing improvements that way, everybody loves a little boost. Studies have shown that rubbing vapour rub on your temples can help improve your accuracy. This could help you gain a competitive advantage in both your kick and your passing.


Even though a lot of practice can help you improve your rugby performance, you must allow your muscles to recover. How are you going to improve if you are injured? The best way to recover after practice is to engage in a long cooldown, making sure you stretch out all your muscles. To ensure that your muscles are recovering quickly and properly, it’s best to use a muscle activating body rub. This will increase blood flow to strained muscles, allowing them to recover far quicker. Similarly, cooling body washes can help relax your muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next training session!

So here are our best tips to help you improve your rugby performance. For the extra help, Bullet and Bone products are the best you can use. Full of natural ingredients, our four products are designed with amateur athletes in mind. It will help you achieve marginal gains in every session!

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