Summer activities for the family

Summer activities for the family

Four of the top activities for family bonding.

Summer is here, the sun is out and the commotion is just about to commence!

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the heat, everyone can get a bit carried away and we can forget the important things: spending time with the family! Here are some the best summer activities for the family that you can enjoy both on holiday and here in Blighty!  The only trouble you’re going to have is the question of which sport you are going to choose…


This British classic is perfect to enjoy with cucumber sandwiches and a nice jug of Pimm’s (obviously for those who can have it!)

Rounders is a perfect game to play with children because of the easy rules and is definitely a lot of fun. If you can’t remember, just think back to P.E. lessons at school for a lovely trip down memory lane!

If you’re looking for summer activities for the family with a bit more competition, Rounder’s is essentially what you make it: a good bit of family fun or a full-on family tournament. If you want a bit of a competitive edge, studies have shown that applying vapour rub to your wrists can increase the accuracy of throwing and catching- all fair in love and a good game of Rounders!


Frisbee is one of the ultimate summer activities for the family because it can be played on grass and on the sand. Frisbee, for me, is the epitome of my childhood when at the beach. Essentially, the aim of the game is to throw the Frisbee around your group without the disk hitting the ground. Frisbee is the perfect game for the family because it has that competitive atmosphere but is too much fun to end in family feuds!

Sometimes, to make sure the Frisbee doesn’t hit the ground, it can involve a lot of jumping and diving on the floor. Straining yourself to catch a flying disk can be strangely trying so it is useful to keep a muscle rub nearby to keep muscles loose and nimble.


Volleyball is one of the amazing summer activities for the family that you can play on the beach or in the water and is perfect for any highly competitive family. Although professional rules of volleyball appear complicated, easier takes on the game are similar to Frisbee: try to stop the ball from hitting the ground as long as possible.

I used to prefer playing Volleyball on land because the chlorine in the water makes my skin dry and flaky. This was before I found out that using the right moisturiser could be an absolute lifesaver! Using a non-greasy moisturiser is perfect for keeping your skin soft and supple after being in the pool, meaning that you can get involved in summer activities for the family both on and off the water.


Not all summer activities for the family need to be competitive. Sometimes just going for a leisurely stroll with your family on holiday can be a great way to bond. Walking is definitely a good summer activity to try if you are staying in Britain because of the beautiful scenery our island has to offer!

Don’t underestimate leisurely strolls though! Walking can also be a very sweaty workout, especially in hot temperatures so a nice shower afterwards is always appreciated. If you’re like me and need a shower to cool down but don’t actually like the water being cold, a cooling body wash can be a great way to feel fresh and can also help your body recover!

So here are just a few of some of the amazing summer activities for the family that you can get involved in over the sunny period! Regardless of whether you want summer activities for the family just for fun or to get a little competitive, it is always good to have products that will help your performance. Products by Bullet and Bone incorporate natural ingredients that help give you that special edge during every workout!

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