‘They tried to make me go to pre-hab and I said let’s go go go!”

This is probably what you would sing if you knew what pre-habilitation was and the benefits it can give you going into the Christmas period. Pre-habilitation is essentially preparation over the Christmas period. This allows you to spring into the new year ‘rehabilitation’ period more easily.

Here are a few benefits of the Christmas pre-habilitation and January rehabilitation process as suggested by Bullet and Bone’s Brand Ambassador Greg Whyte ( )


Christmas pre-habilitation is essentially a process where you prepare yourself to be in the best possible state, physically, mentally and emotional during the countdown to Christmas.

During the Christmas period, Brits have a tendency to over-consumer whilst being very inactive. We are said to eat over 5400 calories on Christmas day alone!! The purpose of Christmas pre-habilitation is to be as fit as we possibly can be so that we feel less stressed and guilty about indulging ourselves during our festivities!

Greg Whyte ( ) predicts that with Christmas pre-habilitation, your return to fitness after Christmas will be easier and a better level than previous years!


At the beginning of every year, the most commonly used phrase is probably ‘new year, new me’. However, do New Year’s resolutions really last that long?

Well, January rehabilitation allows you to bite the bullet and get the bone. By using presents received over Christmas, we are automatically more motivated to start our fitness regimes.

What is key, however, is to build up a ritual.

For example, this could be going for a cycle every day at 7:00am. It could also be associating certain smells of products to the idea of exercise. Essentially, by making a ritual and repeating it daily, a routine will be made. The more this routine is repeated, the less likely you will be break your new year’s resolution!!

As mentioned earlier, entering the period of January rehabilitation is easier when you use the Christmas presents you receive and making a ritual out of them. Greg Whyte recommends using the Bullet and Bone product range as a form of active care. All products use natural ingredients to help amateur athletes achieve marginal gains all year round.

For more information about Christmas Pre-habiliationa and January Rehabiliation, Greg summarises the processes with Founder of Bullet and Bone, Ian Murphy:

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