5 Unusual tips and tricks of Vapour rub for athletes

Many people assume that Vapour rub is good for colds and flu, and colds and flu alone. You are wrong. Very wrong. Vapour rub is not restricted to the chest and neck. Vapour rub is not restricted to the cold weather when it feels like you are breathing in a carpet. Instead, vapour rub is good for a myriad of things. So let’s get the secrets of vapour rub off of our chest… literally. Here are five ways vapour rub can help your performance on and off the field:

  1. WHAT IS VAPOUR RUB GOOD FOR … relieving muscle and back pain:

    As an athlete, one of the worst feelings is probably coming out of a match or workout feeling fragile and weak. This is particularly as we get older. Our recovery after the gym seems to take longer and longer. Do no fret, as vapour rub can help reduce muscle and back pain. Natural ingredients help relax stressed muscles, meaning vapour rub is good for injuries such as ‘tennis elbow’. Simply apply a pea-sized portion on to your hands and rub on to the affected area until the soft wax is fully absorbed. For the best results, it is advised that this process is done before apply a muscle activating gel to really boost recovery.

  2. WHAT IS VAPOUR RUB GOOD FOR … getting rid of bruises:

    When playing contact sports such as rugby, boxing or American football, bruises are inevitable. Some people embrace them, but if you don’t think the black and blue look is particularly ‘in season’, vapour rub, is good for reducing the look and pain of your plum-covered accessories. The anti-inflammatory properties of ingredients like eucalyptus and ginger extract will reduce swelling. So vapour rub is good for helping the bruise heal faster.


    As athletes, our feet are often prone to damage. It’s the price we have to pay (on top of our gym memberships) to look good and feel great. Runners, joggers and cyclists, whose feet are exposed to sweat, risk blisters and bunions. I bet you didn’t know that vapour rub could help solve this. Vapour balm is also good for treating cracked, dry feet, which is a particular problem for swimmers.
    All you have to do is apply the soft wax liberally to your heels or any other damaged areas before bed. Keep the balm on over night and wash off in the morning with cold water. For even better results, snuggle up with socks on so that the balm does not rub off on to your bed sheets and leaving them smelling like a tooth paste factory! Do this every night. In a matter of days you will start to see the results.

  4. WHAT IS VAPOUR RUB GOOD FOR… relieving headaches:

    Studies have shown that placing a small amount of vapour balm on your temples can reduce headaches. The mentholated scent lowers blood pressure, which in turn reduces pain. When in the changing rooms, it is useful to have a vapour balm that doesn’t fumigate your surroundings. To avoid this, we recommend the Bullet and Bone Vapour Release Balm. Its subtle fragrance allows you to treat your pain, without being a pain in the back to those around you.

  5. What is vapour rub good for… healing dry skin:

    Vapour rub’s soft wax can help keep the skin glow, meaning vapour rub is good for protecting athletes against the elements, rain or shine. It is vital you choose a vapour balm with natural ingredients because this nourishes the skin leaving it feeling soft and fresh after any workout, rain or shine. For the best results, follow this process before putting on a protective moisturiser to make sure your protection is a good as it can be .

So, as an athlete, vapour rub is good for lots of different reasons. However, as you can see from above, the best vapour balms are natural, have a light fragrance and are easy to apply. As a result, for maximise your performance as an athlete, we recommend using Bullet and Bone’s vapour release balm. Tested by elite athletes, it uses a signature blend of magnesium, jasmine and maca root to improve your performance.

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