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Bullet and Bone

Intensive Care Foot Cream

Intensive Care Foot Cream

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Bullet and Bone is proud to present its exceptional product, the Intensive Care Foot Cream, tailored to meet the specific needs of active individuals in the United Kingdom. This premium formulation has been carefully crafted to repair and soothe sore, dry, and cracked feet, common issues faced by those engaged in sports and exercise.

At the heart of this revolutionary foot cream are natural extracts and oils that deliver intense nourishment and moisture. The invigorating fragrance and pleasant cooling effect of eucalyptus create a spa-like experience with every application. What sets this foot cream apart is the inclusion of the 'power trio' – Maca, jasmine, and magnesium – a combination rich in amino acids, known for their soothing properties and their ability to promote muscle relaxation.

The key ingredient, 5% Urea, plays a pivotal role in softening dry and cracked skin. Urea not only provides moisture but also acts as a conduit, facilitating the transportation of other vital ingredients deep into the skin. This synergy ensures that your feet not only feel revitalized but also stay healthy and well-hydrated.

Why Choose Bullet and Bone's Intensive Care Foot Cream?  

  1. Sport-Specific Formula: Tailored for individuals engaged in sports and exercise, this foot cream understands the unique needs of active feet, addressing soreness and dryness effectively.
  2. Natural Extracts and Oils: Our premium formulation harnesses the power of natural extracts and oils, offering a holistic solution for foot care. The fresh fragrance and cooling effect of eucalyptus enhance the overall experience.
  3. The Power Trio: Maca, jasmine, and magnesium form the 'power trio,' contributing to the cream's efficacy in soothing tired and sore feet. Packed with amino acids, these ingredients promote muscle relaxation and overall foot well-being.
  4. Urea for Intense Hydration: With a 5% Urea formulation, our foot cream not only softens dry, cracked skin but also ensures that moisture is locked in. Urea acts as a moisture pump, facilitating the absorption of essential ingredients into the skin.

How to Use:  

Applying Bullet and Bone's Intensive Care Foot Cream is a simple yet indulgent process:

  1. Cleanse: Ensure your feet are clean and dry before application.
  2. Liberally Apply: Dispense a generous amount of the foot cream and apply it liberally to your feet.
  3. Massage In Thoroughly: Take a moment to massage the cream into your feet, allowing the rich formulation to be absorbed.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits: Experience the soothing sensation and let the cream work its magic on your tired feet.

Bullet and Bone's Intensive Care Foot Cream is more than just a skincare product; it's a wellness experience designed for those who push their limits. Step into a world of rejuvenation, where natural extracts, powerful amino acids, and advanced formulations come together to care for your feet like never before. Elevate your foot care routine with the premium quality that Bullet and Bone brings to every jar of Intensive Care Foot Cream. Your active feet deserve nothing less.


The Science Behind the Relief:  

Our foot cream is backed by a carefully designed mechanism that combines the best of nature and science:

  1. 5% Urea Formulation: Urea is a powerful moisturizer that not only softens dry, cracked skin but also enhances the absorption of other essential ingredients, promoting long-lasting hydration.
  2. Natural Functional Oils & Aromatics: The inclusion of natural oils and aromatics not only adds a delightful fragrance but also provides functional benefits, contributing to the overall efficacy of the foot cream.
Key Benefits Mechanism Key Natural Active Ingredients

• Repairs & soothes sore, cracked, dry feet
• Intense moisture & nourishment
• Pleasant cooling effect

• 5% Urea formulation
• Natural functional oils & aromatics

• Urea
• Magnesium
• Peppermint
• Jasmine
• Maca Extract
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  • Made in the UK

  • Natural active ingredients

  • Recommended By Sports Scientists

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

  • Vegan Formulations

  • Used by elite athletes

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  • Maca Extract

  • Magnesium

  • Jasmine

  • Urea

  • Menthol

  • Eucalyptus

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The Bullet and Bone Promise:  

At Bullet and Bone, we are committed to delivering more than a product – we offer an experience. Our Cooling Recovery Body Wash is a testament to this commitment, providing a holistic approach to post-workout care. Embrace the feeling of revitalization, experience the power of natural ingredients, and elevate your recovery routine with Bullet and Bone.

In each drop of our Cooling Recovery Body Wash, discover the fusion of science and nature, meticulously crafted for those who seek excellence in every aspect of their active lifestyle. From gym enthusiasts to athletes, Bullet and Bone is your trusted partner in the journey towards peak performance and ultimate well-being.